Online Support Groups

Support 4 Peer Workers

Effective, efficient and convenient third-party S4PW groups provide confidential support, promote advanced peer skill development and help reduce triggering and compassion fatigue. These ninety-minute drop-in support and development meetings are limited to 12 peer workers and include personal and work-related material as well as ample time for open discussion. All the sessions are facilitated by senior, experienced Certified Peer Specialists.

Registration Fees

  • $10 - One 90-minute session
  • $44.95 - Five 90-minute sessions ($8.99 each)
  • $79.90 - Ten 90-minute sessions ($7.99 each)
  • $99.95 - Fifteen 90-minute sessions ($6.66 each) OUR BEST DEAL

When you choose one of the multi-session payment options we will email a coupon code to you that can be used to register for your additional sessions. The code can be shared with others but you will need to keep track of the number of times that it is used as once all sessions have been used, the code will no longer be valid. All un-used codes will expire 12/31/2017.