Media Contact: If you’re a member of the media looking for more information about the DBSA Peer Leadership Center and/or the emerging peer specialist workforce, please contact DBSA President, Allen Doederlein or DBSA Programs Team.

LiveForward presents: The Road to Recovery: Melding Physical & Mental Wellness

Recovery is a unique and individualized journey. It starts with first having hope that recovery is possible and builds upon setting and achieving personal goals.

Global Peer Supporters Celebration Day

October 19, 2017 will be the third year in which the third Thursday in October will be celebrated as Global Peer Supporters Celebration Day.

Live Discussion Chat: Coping with Overwhelming Emotions

On Thursday, October 26, at 2pm CDT, the Peer Leadership Center will be hosting a live discussion chat on coping with overwhelming emotions.

New PLC Webinar! Making Recovery A Priority: Integrating Peers into Traditional Provider Agencies

Integrating peer support workers into traditional provider agencies can be a challenge, but it can be done.

New PLC Webinar! The Self-Stigma Phenomenon: How Stigma Impacts Identity-Formation in Young Adults

Self-stigma is a common experience for many young adults who experience a mental health or substance use condition, or trauma, and impacts how they see themselves and the world. There are things we can do to reduce self-stigma in young adults and promote a positive self-concept grounded in wellness, recovery, and hope.

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