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DBSA is Seeking Your Perspective on Wellness

Putting wellness within every individual's reach is at the core of the DBSA mission, strategies, and programs. That's why we have partnered with the Milken Institute's Center for Strategic Philanthropy to bring you the first peer-designed survey that enables people living with depression and/or bipolar to share views on

  • aspects of wellness that go beyond reducing symptoms, and
  • priorities for research topics.

This nationwide, anonymous Supporting Wellness survey has been carefully crafted with help from a design group comprised of peers—volunteers living with depression and/or bipolar. We've benefitted from guidance from colleagues at other community-based organizations who have provided ongoing input, too.

The individual viewpoints you express will be just as important as the combined weight of the community's shared priorities. So, please share the survey link freely with friends, family members, and others who share an interest in more and better options for people living with depression and/or bipolar.

No personal identifiers will be collected and all responses will be held in strict confidence.

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This fall, we will share survey results broadly with the community, research funders, government agencies, life science companies, academic researchers, and health care providers—people and institutions positioned to accelerate innovation in treatment and care.

Another opportunity for people with the lived experience to express their views will come on November 16, 2018, when DBSA hosts the Well Beyond Blue patient-focused medical product meeting in Silver Spring, MD. This is an opportunity to share with representatives from the FDA and pharmaceutical and medical device companies what people most want from treatment.

Input from the broad DBSA community is essential and has the potential to inform the development of future FDA-approved treatment options. Learn more about the meeting here.