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MHA's National Certified Peer Specialist Credential - new opportunity

Peer Specialists are in demand across systems and sectors. To help further the growing peer support workforce, Mental Health America has created a national advanced peer specialist certification, the National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS). The NCPS credential is an opportunity for Peer Specialists to extend their existing certification and further demonstrate competencies, knowledge, and expertise.

The NCPS credential does not take the place of state or other established Peer Specialist credentialing. Rather, it is an advanced certification for Peer Specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in delivering peer support services in a variety of settings.

To become an MHA NCPS, a Peer Specialist must:

  • Document 3,000 hours of supervised work experience as a mental health peer supporter (paid or volunteer) within the last six years;
  • Already be certified as a Peer Specialist by a state (based on a minimum 40 hours of peer support training) OR have successfully completed an MHA-approved training
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge across 6 domains of practice (Foundations of Peer Support; Foundations of Healthcare Systems; Mentoring, Shared Learning, and Relationship Building; Activation and Self-Management; Advocacy; and Professional and Ethical Responsibilities) by earning a passing score on an in-person moderated exam;

Discounts on NCPS application and examination fees are available to graduates of selected MHA-approved training programs including DBSA, RI International, Appalachian Consulting Group, and others.

For more detailed information, visit the MHA Center for Peer Support.

Did you successfully complete a DBSA Peer Specialist training course? If so, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the NCPS application and examination fees. To learn more, visit the NCPS site →