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Live Discussion Chat: Goals and the Building Blocks of Recovery & Wellness in 2018

Live Discussion Chat
Goals and the Building Blocks of Recovery & Wellness in 2018

Wednesday, January 17th at 12 PM Central Time

Certified Peer Specialist Members and Peer Supporters
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A new year is a great time to check in on your goals and wellness. It can be valuable to do a self-assessment of where you are in your wellness and find ways to support those you work with in this process. How can you look at the building blocks of wellness to create wellness goals/plans for 2018? How can we incorporate whole health into our experiences as peers and (for some) the work we do?

Join your peers for the first discussion chat of 2018 on Wednesday, January 17th at 12 PM Central Time.

The new and improved chat system is set up so that the room opens 15 minutes before the scheduled chat times only. You can select to join as a guest, then will choose your screen name. Please be aware that chat transcripts will be archived and posted for members who miss the chat, so choose a name you are comfortable with (for example, your first name only or a nickname). The chats occur in real time, with everyone reading the chats as they pop up, similar to a thread of texts. There is no more need to refresh for updated on posts! We hope you will join us! We hope you will join us!

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